Denied Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Injured In Greenville and Facing Denied Workers’ Comp Benefits

South Carolina workers compensation attorney Federal law requires employers in the United States to pay for workers compensation coverage for employees, in case they are injured on the job. However, just because you’ve been injured on the job does not, unfortunately, mean you will automatically receive workers comp coverage. You will have to inform your employer of your injury, get a doctor to diagnose you with an injury that will require you to take time away from work or perform a lighter job than previously, and you must apply with your state for workers comp coverage.

Sometimes, workers comp insurance claims are denied. This could be because your employer disputes the facts, or it could be because of a small mistake in the application process. If your workers comp claim is denied, you are legally able to appeal the denial yourself, but you may need the help of an attorney to navigate workers comp court.

Appealing a Denied Workers Comp Claim in South Carolina

If your workers comp claim has been denied, you can begin the appeals process yourself. The first stage is for your appeal to go to the South Carolina workers comp commission for review. There will be a small filing fee for this process to begin, as well. You may be required to see a doctor to confirm your injury’s diagnosis, so it will be important to have already spoken with a doctor, and possibly received a second opinion, and clearly followed all of your doctor’s advice to begin the healing process.

If your first appeal is denied, you can appeal to the commission again, but that becomes more time-consuming and expensive. If the workers comp commission believes your case is “without merit,” you could face additional fines.

You can continue appealing through the South Carolina Court of Appeals, and sometimes all the way up to the South Carolina Supreme Court. In the meantime, you could suffer pain and financial burdens.

My Workers Comp Application Was Denied and I’m Afraid of Waiting Any Longer

Workers comp applications rely on lots of information, and if your application is denied, you could face a long appeals process. It is important to your health and financial safety to get the process going the right way. Contact a South Carolina workers compensation attorney for assistance today.

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