SSDI and Workers’ Comp

Seriously Disabled Camden Residents Might Get Both SSDI and Workers Comp

Workers' Comp AttorneyIf you are injured on the job, you should apply for workers compensation as soon as possible. Workers comp will help cover most of your pay check and assist with medical bills while you strive to get healthy again.

However, if your healing stalls, your doctor could diagnose you with a long-term or even permanent disability. Workers compensation may not cover your needs anymore, so you will need to look for other types of assistance.

You could apply for Social Security Disability Insurance while you receive workers compensation. If you receive both benefits at once, your SSDI will have the amount of your workers comp award taken out, until you do not receive workers compensation any longer. SC Workers’ Compensation benefits will take precedence, and serve as the primary benefit over your Social Security disability benefits.

Both workers compensation and Social Security Disability applications can be complex and confusing. If you have to do both to meet your needs, you could feel frustrated and want to give up.

The Differences Between South Carolina Workers Compensation and SSDI

Although both programs provide financial assistance for those suffering from temporary or permanent disability, there are numerous differences between workers comp and SSDI.

Workers compensation is paid by your employer, and usually amounts to 66 2/3 your regular paycheck. Sometimes, workers comp awards are paid in a lump sum, but that is rare. SSDI, or social security disability, is based on how long you have been in the work force, and payments tend to be much greater for workers with a substantial work history. They work on a similar principle as Social Security retirement.

I’ve Been Permanently Injured Due to a Work Accident

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury that has left you disabled for more than a year, or even become permanently disabled as a result of employer negligence, you could be eligible for both workers compensation and Social Security Disability (SSDI). However, proving that you qualify for both can be a long and complicated process, so to ensure you receive the benefits you need, you should retain a Strom Law workers comp attorney.

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