Filing Workers’ Comp Forms

Columbia Workers Could Need Help Filing Workers Comp Hearing Forms

South Carolina Filing Workers' Comp Claim AttorneyWhen you suffer an injury on the job, it is important to immediately inform your employer, see the doctor for a diagnosis, and file a workers compensation claim. Once you have reached your maximum medical improvement, you should return to your doctor for an updated impairment rating. Your new impairment rating can affect whether or not you continue to receive workers compensation benefits, and if your doctor gives you a disability rating that you disagree with, you can file for a hearing with the workers compensation commission of South Carolina.

In addition, if your employer fails to begin paying your workers comp benefits within 14 days, you can file for a hearing regarding your claim. It is important that you receive your benefits as soon as possible so you can relax and focus on healing.

South Carolina Workers May Face Longer Recoveries Without Workers Comp Benefits

If you filed for a hearing with the workers comp commission, your must fill out Form 50 and pay a small fee. However, your employer can also dispute the workers comp decision by filing Form 21 and paying a small fee. If you find you have to go through an appeals process, you may be confused and afraid. This could delay medical appointments that are necessary for you to get back to work.

You can appeal the decision of your hearing and escalate your case to a panel review. Three to six new commissioners will consult on a new hearing. The decision of the appellate panel may be appealed to a Court of Common Pleas and the State Appellate Courts.

If this process sounds complicated, you should consider hiring an attorney.

My Employer Scheduled a Hearing Regarding My Workers Comp Coverage

If you face a hearing, whether you scheduled the hearing or not, you could end up going through an appeals process for changes to your workers compensation, or denial of important insurance coverage while you get back on your feet. Contact a South Carolina workers comp attorney for help with your hearing as soon as possible.

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